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News Archive

The Company has received an order from M/s. TATA COFFEE LIMITED for a Biomass Gasifier based CHP Plant to produce electric power, hot water at 180 C, producer gas for roasting of coffee beans and for use in spray dryer where they are currently using diesel oil in their instant coffee plant. Biomass used will be coffee waste from the instant coffee plant and rice husk / coffee husk.

Technology for the plant is from EQTEC Iberia of Spain, who have an operating unit, since 1997, based on almond shells, supplying power to the Spanish grid.

Before the contract was awarded a plant scale trial was successfully conducted in the Spanish plant using a mixture of coffee waste and rice husk duly witnessed by the Customer and CIRAD of France ( an institute of great repute). The gasifier will be designed to handle 1000 kgs/hour of biomass, which is equivalent to 1200 KW electrical output.