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The product range handled by the Company can be broadly classified under the categories, ranging from Machinery to Individual Process Equipment to Complete Engineered Packages

Individual Process Equipment

  • Storage Tanks

  • Steam Surface Condensers

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Gland Vent Condensers

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Oil Coolers

  • Air Receivers

  • Jacketed Vessels

  • Compressed Air Dryers

  • LP / HP Heaters

  • Specialised Piping

Engineered Packages

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Liquid Dryers

  • Lube Oil Systems

  • Steam Condensing Systems

  • Reverse Osmosis Skids

  • Steam Boilers

  • Air Dryer Packages

  • Gas Dryers

  • Liquid CO2 Storage Systems

  • CO2 Injection Systems

  • Skid Based Pilot Plant

  • Custom Built Packages

Turnkey Solutions

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • CO2 Storage cum Injection Systems

  • Liquid CO2 Plants

  • Biomass Gasification Plants

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