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Turnkey Solutions

The Company has since its inception, endeavored to add value to its services & provide its Customers " TOTAL  ENGINEERING  SOLUTIONS ".

As a result, over the years, the Company has developed expertise for turnkey project execution. The Company has experience & the necessary skill sets in providing turnkey solutions such as :

1. CO2  Manufacturing Plants

2. Biomass Gasification Plants

3. Compressed Air Systems

4. Steam Turbine Packages for Driver Applications.

The scope includes the basic & detailed engineering. the basic engineering covers the mapping of the Customer's process & tailoring solutions to meet the specific demand of individual Customers. This activity covers a wide array of engineering fields such as process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical & instrumentation.

The Company undertakes complete turnkey projects including engineering, project management, fabrication, sourcing of bought outs, skid mounted package designs to minimise site work, factory integration of equipment trains, torsional analysis, transportation to site, installation & commissioning of the packages / plants.

The Company has the experience of having undertaken various turnkey projects in India & is currently involved in projects overseas.

The Company has full fledged service group which takes care of the installation & commissioning activity either on a supervision basis or turnkey basis.

The turnkey solutions are provided for green-field projects as well as at existing installations be it for expansions or replacement requirements.


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