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Careers with Us

Why CICB-Chemicon

With a large workforce employees and operations spread around the globe, CICB is uniquely poised to present incomparable opportunity. As an employee of CICB-CHEMICON, you can expect:

  • Global exposure with projects in numerous countries
  • World-class training, and the opportunity to learn continuously
  • Exposure to business excellence and evolving technologies
  • Careers across business and technology areas
  • An open door and energetic environment with world-class infrastructure
  • Open and warm work environment
  • Continuous learning and personal development
  • Employee recognition and involvement
  • Responsibility supplemented with authority from the very beginning

Mentorship, continuous learning opportunities and numerous challenges along with the freedom to think differently is what motivates our people. A high level of quality pervades the entire organization, across people, processes and deliverables. Each member contributes to and benefits from the global quality standards that put us at par with the best professionals in this field. The spirit of learning amongst our people and an organization-wide commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps CICB-CHEMICON on the forefront of a fast-changing industry. Our framework for continuous learning is built around a number of focused programs for our employees which include:

Induction training the purpose of the induction training is to familiarize new employees with different aspects of the company including, products, policies, procedures, history etc.

Technical training various levels of training imparted to employees on technology platforms to keep them abreast of technological changes.

Role-based training identified for each role in the organization to help employees discharge their responsibilities effectively. It includes

Process related training

Soft skills development

Training needs arising from appraisal

Individual's self-development training

Product training
This includes various levels of training imparted on client products handled by CICB-CHEMICON from India

Performance Recognition
CICB-Chemicon fosters loyalty and rewards high performers through awards and recognition whenever necessary.


At CICB-CHEMICON we believe in offering much more than just a job. We believe that our strength lies in our people. We believe that people are our assets and it is people who will ensure our success. Success, in such a dynamic & competitive situation, demands that we continuously challenge ourselves to higher levels of individual and collective performance. Thus, we aim to provide an enabling and positive environment that will motivate our employees and facilitate achievement and maintenance of superior levels of performance.

We believe in continuous development of our employees and strive to provide the best training facilities that will keep us on par with the best professionals in the world. At CICB-CHEMICON, we believe in enhancing the development of the employees as a whole by emphasizing their professional skills and knowledge as well as his or her personal and emotional well being.

We strive to provide a climate that nurtures the holistic development of our employees.

If you are looking for a career opportunity to grow with us please mail to: hrd@cicb-chemicon.com

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