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The Company has an in-house engineering set up to cater to its requirements. The activities carried out by the department include:

Complete Engineering within battery limit 

  • Basic engineering of the total system
  • Detailed engineering of the system
  • Equipment design & fabrication drawings
  • Piping layout & isometric drawings
  • Overall plant layout & foundation details

Our Engineers can deliver the following :

  • Application Engineering - Providing all necessary inputs to Principals, if any, for selection of the basic machine - compressor, blower or turbine.
  • Develop PFDs, mass and energy balances.
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagram.
  • Develop layouts of complete process plants and systems.
  • Provide foundation loading details & foundation drawings.
  • Provide civil / structural drawings for the air compressor / turbine / power plant house.
  • Data sheets / specifications for bought out components.
  • Engineering of complete skid mounted trains including torsional analysis.
  • Complete engineering of sub-systems and packages.
  • Piping design including development of routing layouts, isometrics and stress analysis.
  • Develop the control logic.
  • Develop the electrical S.L.D.
  • Engineering of panels, function boxes, etc.
  • Thermal & mechanical designs for heat exchangers & pressure vessels.
  • Engineering is done to meet various National / International Standards & Codes and recommended Best Practices as per Customer's requirement.
  • Complete detailed engineering activity covering mechanical (fabricated & bought outs), piping, electrical, instrumentation, structural, civil and architectural aspects.