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Steam Turbines


CICB undertakes complete "Within Battery Limit" execution of power plant solutions with varied fuels. The different types of power plants on offer are:

Conventional Turbine-Generator Route

Biomass Gasification

Micro Turbines

The Company has tie-ups with various suppliers of equipment & technologies and offer options to the Customer based on their preference & budgets. The options available are:

Engecrol Turbines & Compressors, Brazil - Steam Turbines

Harbin Turbine Company, China - Steam Turbines

Eqtec Iberia SA, Spain - Biomass Gasifiers

T.K.Energie, Denmark - Biomass Gasifiers

Capstone Turbine Co. Inc., USA - Micro Turbines

Detailed below is the solutions based on Conventional Turbine-Generator Route. The details on Biomass Gasification & Micro Turbines are provided in the relevant pages of our website.

Presently, our product range is from 30KW to 150MW and is suited to the varied requirements of our Customers.

The Company undertakes complete "Within Battery Limit" power plant projects which include:

  • Application Engineering & Selection of the Right Technology for the Project
  • Selection & Sizing of the Turbine-Generator, Biomass Gasifier or Micro-Turbine
  • Complete Detailed Engineering of the Complete Complex
  • Sourcing of Components / Balance of Plant such as Boiler, ESP, Ash Handling System, Fuel Handling System, D.M.Water Plant, Vacuum System, etc.
  • In-House design & fabrication of steam surface condensers, gland vent condensers, heat exchangers & pressure vessels.
  • In-House design & fabrication of biomass gasifier, buffer vessel, related exchangers, vessels, pots, etc.
  • Complete Plant Engineering including preparation of isometrics & in-house fabrication of piping based on isometrics.
  • In-house design, fabrication, assembly & supply of sub-assemblies such as Lube Oil Systems, Steam Condensing Systems, Gland Condensing Systems, etc.
  • In-house design & sourcing of complete electrics for the power plant
  • Undertaking torsional analysis of the complete T.G.Train, Dynamic Load Analysis, etc for the systems.
  • Preparation of basic engineering documents like HMBD, P&IDs, Equipment General Arrangement Drawings, Equipment Layout, Foundation Layout, Civil Drawings, Electrical SLDs, Specifications for procurement of various bought outs, Fabrication Drawings for all fabricated components including piping, etc.


The Company has a full fledged & highly dedicated project management team that undertakes micro level planning of the contracts & ensures smooth communication channels with the Customer, their Consultants, Vendors & our Principals, thereby ensuring timely completion of the projects.

We provide regular feedback & updates to our Customers to keep them updated on the status of their respective projects.


The Company has a team of highly qualified service personnel who are trained in turbomachinery & have the requisite experience to undertake complete erection & commissioning and training on the power plant solutions.

We also provide spare part management services to our Customers & also other services such as Annual Maintenance Contracts, Overhauls, Rerates, etc.

Therefore, CICB is uniquely placed to provide the complete range of services for POWER PLANTS such as process mapping, basic design, detailed engineering, in-house fabrication & assembly of equipment & sub-systems, erection, commissioning, training & after-market services, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.